A Simple Unostentatious Gesture…

A municipal worker, heads down, cleaning the street, an auto-driver taking you home in the worst evening traffic and not asking a rupee more (of course, only in Mumbai), a security guard standing at his station all day long – all, people serving you or others.

Today it was a small bunch of medical staff seen in my morning walk conducting free medical-check-up for common folks from a few tables and chairs set up outside Diamond Gardens…

Well, how does one express one’s appreciation, beyond a ‘thank you’, appropriate for the occasion (money is not in many cases) and without expending a wad of currency notes?

I have found handing out ice-cold bottled drinking water bought from a nearby stall is well-received universally. Especially in these months. Not a heavy drain on the wallet at ten rupees a bottle. The surprise on their faces, especially with public servants, is a priceless reward for this small act.

Try it! Experience it!!



3 thoughts on “A Simple Unostentatious Gesture…

  1. I too have been struggling with how to say thank you for the incredible help, generosity, and kindness I have been shown on my return to the USA after that death of my husband. Cold bottles of water here in Michigan where snow, sleeting rain and sharp winds are still regular occurences won’t do. I find myself quoting Shakespeare “I can no other answer make, but thanks, and thanks, and ever thanks.” Brilliant, but still not enough.


    1. More than anything, happy to see you here, Terry, and for your words!!

      Heard from someone in US, a warm smile, holding a door open, etc. are equivalents in that society. Besides, of course, thanking the person, as you say. All not very intrusive.

      You are right. Even here, must come up with something else for non-summer months. Someone suggested fruits and eats. A bit more complicated. May not be avail handy. Also personal likes. May be candy? Have seen a friendly stranger hand out these in my morning walks.

      The nice thing about a bottle of water is no hygiene issues, not awkward to give out to one who is serving others, not you!.

      An off-the-cuff thought: How about a small very visible appreciation badge/sticker on the person’s apron/work-clothes? Once again, a little more complicated. May be there are already better solutions people have come up with.

      Apart from the receiver’s pleasant surprise, a great mood-lifter for the giver. Affordable.

      Thanks again, Terry, for sharing your thoughts here.


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