Serpent Ring And The Magic of Acceptance

mira prabhu

Kiri 16GB sd card 5294I met a wild looking sadhu on the way up to Skand Ashram many moons ago, and noticed that he wore incredible jewelry, all in the shape of serpents, and fashioned of copper and gold.

He told me a jeweler in a town far away had made it for him. I asked if he could make me a ring, and he agreed. I gave him an advance and the ring came as promised—a golden serpent coiled like the kundalini with a small ruby for an eye.

I have grown to love this ring for it represents my passion for the serpent fire (Kundalini)—which is nothing less than the energy of primal mind that fuels the process of enlightenment. Nothing but this fiery energy can halt the power of my chaotic mind, and I use a kundalini practice as a base for Atma-Vichara, Self-Investigation or the Direct Path, as taught by Ramana Maharshi.

Anyway, my friend James recently…

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8 thoughts on “Serpent Ring And The Magic of Acceptance

      1. Of the 3 blogs this one needed some explanation that I’ve provided. Kaleidoscope is for fun reading and about arts that I enjoyed..Also stories that would appeal to readers across age groups. ‘About This and That’ would include some posts on problem solving, creativity, engineering in general and IT in particular. Sanmargam is about food for the soul. Cheers and Jeers is not active – was meant to be for public interest.

        I find I’m slowing down. May shut down the 2 and keep only Kaleidoscope active. The one cardinal rule I violate in all my blogs is in not making the content addressed to niche topics/readers. So not many steady followers.But I enjoy what I do and hope others join me..


  1. This reflects what I think is profound wisdom. Being a Westerner, I haven’t put it quite as effectively as this post, but I have found that it is an attitude that has transformed my life more than once.

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