Life’s NOT fair!

Life Is Not Fair 1

“She got a mango Popsicle and I didn’t,” she whines, although the so-called Popsicle really just is a slice of fruit speared with a fork. But the fact that her sister got one and she didn’t makes it the most important slice of mango in the world at that moment.

“That’s right,” he says, and continues cooking. Sometimes she gets things
you don’t and sometimes, it goes the other way. That’s just how life works.

“But daddy,” she pleads, “it’s not fair!”

“Who said anything about fair?” he asks, a little incredulous. “You were just fine without it until she got it. What’s the problem?”

“It’s just not fair,” she insisted. “If she gets one, I should get one too.”

“Look,” he says, “turning toward her and leaning down to meet her eyes “the only time you need to worry about what’s your neighbor’s bowl is if you’re checking to make sure they have enough.” then he turns back to the stove and the girl, a little stunned, walks away.




Source: (Suraj Motwani)


3 thoughts on “Life’s NOT fair!

  1. Fantastic!

    I guess it is the rare parent who doesn’t have to figure out how to help children move beyond their egocentric view of “fair.” Like your wise father, my sister used to tell her children to look around the world, and then be grateful that life’s not “fair.”

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