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(Pithy sayings in Sanskrit)

सज्जनस्यहृदयं नवनीतं यद्वदन्ति कवयस्तदलीकम् ।

अन्यदेहविलसत्परितापात्सज्जनो द्रवति, नो नवनीतम् ॥

Poets say that the heart of a good man is like butter, but that is not correct.

The heat (frustration/sorrow/ etc.) residing in another body does not melt butter,

but it does melt the good man.


Source: sanskritdocuments.org/doc_z_misc_subhaashita/subhaashhita_kedar.html?lang=sa and image from hsph.harvard.edu/magazine/magazine_article/is-butter-really-back/