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Shayari Beautiful

(Translation not verbatim at all places)

In the quest for perfection one loses out a lot.

Even the crescent moon is as beautiful, one forgets (to appreciate)!


Heard it’s raining heavily in your city.

(Take care,) Don’t get too wet.

If washed away clean are all of the misunderstandings,

you’ll find me flooding your thoughts and memories.


How could the thorns

be blamed, Sir?

(On them) It was I placing my feet.

They were where they were.



Source: Jakir Chhipa Al-safa Tour, vide Madhav Rao Pachpute, Rajjo Rani and‎ Sushma Pandey‎ in ‎Gulzar Shayri



Man changes his residence,

his clothes, relations and friends too.

Even so disturbed he remains,

For he changes not himself.

Ghalib says:

For years, Ghalib

persisted mistakenly:

the dust was on his face and

he was wiping it off the mirror.





Source: Pinterest, translation not word by word.