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Religion And Spirituality



Stories In Stone!


An artist playing percussion (look at his face, eyes and cap)!

A Fibonacci spiral?

An elephant on rampage!

A celestial minstrel (wears a crown):

Like many other figures, anklet on only one leg! Can’t make out what is the unusual piece around his cheeks and chin – does not appear to be a beard.

A female minstrel:

A vaanaram (monkey), tail up (an aggressive posture?), carrying aloft a boulder? Or it is Hanuman with his tail on fire all set to torch Lanka? (the tail gets thicker with wads of cloth towards the tip)

Is this the maya maan, the magical deer, coveted by Sita?

On some, even a paunch can look good!

A picture of devotion:

Florals good for apparel design!

Mythical yali?

Mythical yali

Krishna and gopi’s on the left. Adjacent is a kama-sutra panel.


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