A Love Story (In Pics)

Source: babamail.com

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7 thoughts on “A Love Story (In Pics)

  1. I am 78 years old, and this story has a personal resonance. Today, celebrity, success, various achievements pale in comparison to those who have given me Love. When I was young, I believed “Love was the greatest of these,” but in practice, in every day life, I thought it looked rather banal and ordinary. What talent does it take to offer a smile, to cook for warm meal, to wash the dishes, to say thank you, to give a good night hug? But in retrospect, I know how immensely fortunate I am to have been given these things day after day as I grew up, from friends, and throughout more than 40 years of marriage.

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    1. You’re twice blessed, my friend! Firstly, to be basking in the glow of love and giving it back too and secondly and more importantly, it’s all happening well in time – unlike, for most of us, when we realize it, it’s usually too late in the day:-(

      As you say, it’s so easy to be nice!

      Only yesterday I came across this article: https://www.inc.com/melanie-curtin/in-just-10-words-this-former-ceo-of-a-billion-dollar-company-explains-purpose-of-life.html

      Thank you..

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      1. Raghu – mega thank you for steering me – and your other readers – to this article. I am going to copy it and post it on my own blog. It is so valuable. I want to contribute to it going viral!.
        Again, thank you.

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