What You See Is Not What You Get

The weather was threatening to turn for the worse accompanied by lightning and thunder dazzling the sky with their fireworks. The trees were swaying perilously to heavy winds.

floodA little sparrow struggling to hold itself aloft approached a large tree standing on the banks of a river seeking shelter.

The tree refused point-blank asking it to go somewhere else, all its pleas falling on deaf ears.  Thereupon the dejected sparrow went up to another tree that was located some distance away. The second tree obliged, taking the bird under its wings and ending its search.

Shortly after, the clouds unloaded their goods with a ferocity that caused the river to swell in no time and break its banks.  The deluge washed away the ground soil causing the trees standing on the banks to topple.

The sparrow was saddened to see the nay-saying tree falling down and being swept away mercilessly by the raging water currents.

The tree too spotted the sparrow on a safe perch just in time to utter these words before disappearing from sight: ‘This was certain to happen. Now you know…’





Source: facebook.com/shasty.rathnam


7 thoughts on “What You See Is Not What You Get

  1. Would you say these kind of stories you tell are endemic to your culture? It seems to me so many of them reflect an appreciation of consciousness in non-human organisms that has been swept away with Platonic thought so enthusiastically adopted by Western Christianity.

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      1. Yes — “natural” is exactly what the stories feel like. Identifying with the world in this way isn’t something I grew up with, and I am still experiencing a new depth in the recognition that “we are all in this together.” And by “we” I mean everything from the single particle to the most complex reality.

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