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Well, What Is My Excuse, You Ask?

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A Tale From A Mango Tree (100 Words)


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The Wise One chatted up: ‘A Guru has come into the village.’

‘I know,’ said the Mango Tree.

‘You know? How?’

‘They rested right here under on their way to the village.’

‘Oh…last evening, had gone to the hut where he is staying…a steady stream of people kept up going in.’

‘Hear any wise words from him?’

‘No, there was no pravachan. Just people fussing about…he seems to enjoy all their attention and adulation…just like us.’

‘Well, his way of staying connected with the world for what it is, I would think. And be reminded, yes, he’s just like us.’



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She Has A Reason – An Anecdote From Ramayana

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This anecdote is almost certainly the product of a vibrant mind immersed blissfully in the vast ocean of Valmiki Ramayana and engaged in creatively fashioning its own nectarine pearls of rich imagination.   If it is indeed drawn from the sage’s original work, am happy to be corrected.

It’s a few days after Sita weds Rama and joins him in his abode in Ayodhya.

One evening, she notices Rama resting at his place after a long tiring day of princely duties.

She sits at his feet and gently presses them with great affection.

Moments later a thought strikes her and she pauses. Carefully she takes off and sets aside the stacks of bangles adorning the forearms of the newly wedded bride.

Rama is curious: ‘Priye (beloved) what are you doing?’

Sita: ‘Prananadha (dear husband), nothing but whatever you’re seeing.’

‘Because they jingle noisily? Pray, do not worry. It’s music to me.’



‘I learnt you had visited Gauthama Rishi’s ashram some time ago before our marriage.’

‘Yes, you have heard it right.’

‘I also learnt by mere touch of your feet a stone turned into a woman (referring to Ahalya’s redemption from a curse).’

‘Am yet to see the connection.’


‘Yes, you’re talking in riddles.’

‘Well, I’m justly worried. Now tell me, my swamin, what’ll happen if they ever touch your lotus feet? If you noticed, my bangles are heavily encrusted with (precious) stones.’


It’s amazing how Ramayan and Mahabharat easily lend themselves to such later-day embellishments.




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