A Krishna-Arjuna Episode

One morning, Krishna and Arjuna went out on a walk.

Saurabh Raaj Jain as Lord Krishna

Suddenly Krishna paused in his stride and looked up.

‘Arjuna, see this beautiful white dove flying above.’

‘Yes, Krishna,’ Arjuna said: ‘indeed a spotlessly white dove.’

‘Arjuna, I think it is a duck. See the longish webbed feet.’

‘Yes, Krishna, you’re right. It is a duck.’

‘The sunlight is playing tricks. Now from near its feathers take a greenish hue…and its curved beak. Dhananjaya, in fact it is a parrot.’

‘I too think it’s a parrot.’

‘Partha, what’s the matter with you today? You readily concur with whatever I say. First it was a dove, then a duck and now a parrot. Next thing if I said it was a giraffe flying up there, I reckon by your performance so far today you wouldn’t disagree.’

‘Yes Achyuta, it could even be a giraffe.’

‘Why is it so, my dear Kauntheya?’

‘A dove turning into a duck and a duck into a parrot or to get a giraffe to fly…is it too much to do, Govinda, for a mayaavi like you? Don’t I know it must be so if you say so?’


PS: Partha, Dhananjaya and Kauntheya are other names for Arjuna.

Source: Adapted from the net. Image from india-forums.com.


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